Cabled Hat Pattern Download

Hello Friends!

Today we are sharing a pattern that we developed for handspun yarn-the only yarn requirement for it is that it be a singly ply handspun! It's a top-down pattern, which makes it easy to get the perfect length, and it looks a little bit Elfish. :) The single ply is one of my personal favorite yarns to work with because of it's intense color. I used to live way up North, where it's dark a lot and right around October people start wearing really really deep hues, like scarlet and neon yellow, as accents against the snow. Now I'm in a grayer climate but I made this one out of tradition. I think it would go well in grey or a mild yellow too. It needs a yarn with a lot of body and loft to keep it's pointy shape. It is on sale in my Ravelry store and Etsy, but I am offering on the blog for a week free (click here) because I feel like it! Just remember that it is for personal use only ;) Also if you make it we'd love to see pics!

Isn't that handspun gorge?! It's from a mountain retreat that takes an entire day to get to, so we've got access to it about once a year. We've got some more collaborations in the works that we can't wait to share with you! 

The animal ears pattern was incredibly popular, and the ones I made look like this: They are incredibly soft. I think a mustache might be calling my name for the rest of the orange (dyed with marigolds).

What little projects have you got going? Have you tried any handspun yet?